The purpose of Zen-Dragon

Zen-Dragon is for YOUR inspiration

The people who find Zen-Dragon appealing and useful fall into two categories:

1: The people who are or wish to become martial artists. There are many reasons why people are drawn to martial arts. Some people find the moves aesthetic or thrilling, others wish to learn how to protect themselves and others.

What brings people to martial arts is not important, what is important is what martial arts bring to people.

Martial arts is a way of developing confidence, discipline, self-knowledge and health. Just as importantly, it is a way to have fun thus increasing ones life quality!

2: Those of you who are simply not that into martial arts: Not all people are physically able to perform martial arts, while others simply have found other ways of applying them selves and chanelling their passion. Zen-Dragon is not a “closed club” for martial artists, the point of this project is to make a positive impact! If the Zen-Dragon martial arts content inspires you to be a better parent, son/daughter, employee, boss, or in any other role, then that is valuable.

Even if Zen-Dragon doesn’t make you think and only brings you fun, then the project has made a positive impact, as fun in life is vastly underestimated!