The person behind Zen-Dragon

The role that Zen-Dragon plays in my life.

My name is Michael Philip Gottlieb, and I launched Zen-Dragon in 2015, on the 25th of june to be exact.

Zen-Dragon is my labour of passion. It is not something that will make me rich, financially, yet Zen-Dragon continues to make my life richer.

I have met interesting people I otherwise would not have met, gained knowledge, shared meaningful experiences…. and I get a kick from inspiring people.

My background in martial arts.

I got started on the path of martial arts back in 2008, and my passion for the arts has grown ever since, I expect martial arts to be a lifelong journey forme.

My primary background in martial arts comes from kung-fu, but I have taken formal and informal lessons in different martial arts, and follow Bruce Lee’s philosophy of learning from different sources and absorbing what I find to be useful.

Martial arts has many facets, and I adjust my training methods and fighting style depending on which facet I wish to focus on. I use martial arts for fun, self defence, competition (ultimately I only compete against my self, wether facing others or practising on my own), as well as a way to challenge my mind and body.

I am a student and instructor for old and young at Amager Kung-Fu school, which is located in Denmark.
I have also taught martial arts classes in private school, and taught a self defence course for public school children, and provided individual martial arts training for troubled youths without pay. I have now begun teaching basic self defence lessons for homeless people.

My personal background.

I was born in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, where I currently reside. I have a passion for traveling which I combine that as much as possible with my other passion, Zen-Dragon. Regardless of physical location, I also use social media platforms to make sure Zen-Dragon can reach people all over the world.

As I am from Denmark, I have been born with relative priviledge. I have never had to break the law to afford food, or anything like that, but have still spent parts of my childhood in orphanages and had some difficulties in life.

Martial arts has helped me overcome difficulties in life. I have learned much about life from martial arts and am continually learning.

For more on my personal background, watch the Draw My Life video I did for the Zen-Dragon Youtube channel.