Hey out there, I hope you’re in a good place as you read this.

This was the year where I decided to take a big leap and follow my passion by launching Zen-Dragon.

Here is a look back on the 5 moments which immediately stand out in my mind.


Launching Zen-Dragon. It took only a few days to come up with the concept for this project, it all happened very quickly.

I wanted to focus on my passion and share something which provided value to others. I have many passions, but martial arts has been a key component of my lifestyle for nearly a decade now. Martial arts has helped shape my character and during times of struggle it has been therapeutic for me. Over the last 2 years, I had been given opportunities to use martial arts as a tool pedagogically which has furthered my understanding of the positive impact martial arts can have on others.

So, I knew I wanted to do something with martial arts. I also knew I wanted to take full advantage of technology and be able to reach out to anyone, from any corner of the world. The rest was just coming up with the name and logo.

On the 25th of June the first Zen-Dragon video was launched and there was no turning back.


ZDWEEKhash Split Stretch do it over

Zen-Dragon Week. I came up with the idea to film and upload a kicking tutorial every single day, for one full week. Was it that special? Looking back, it was just a novelty idea, but I put a lot of energy into it and this was the first time I really reached a larger audience. The full videos can be found on this playlist. Due to the succes I decided to do another Zen-Dragon Week on elbow strikes, which didn’t gain as much response. Will there be a third Zen-Dragon Week in 2016? We’ll see. The Instagram hashtag #ZenDragonWeek is still alive.


Sharing my full story with the Draw My Life video.

Having made almost 60 videos on Youtube, met a bunch of martial artists, connected with martial arts fans from all over the world, and learned from many other fields than simply martial arts thru pursuing this project, I decided to share my story.

I don’t see my self as someone impressive, but I have been faced with adversity and lived a somewhat adventurous life, so I figured sharing my story might inspire someone to push on and perhaps act on a special dream.


Public speaking2

Speaking in front of an audience of strangers from various countries.

I’ve always felt comfortable speaking in front of others, wether it be for a job interview, a class presentation, or spontaneously on a dare during a party. For this reason, one of the things I’ve envisioned doing in life at some point, was to speak publicly in front of an audience and to share my perspective on something that mattered.

I had no idea that I would get the chance to do just that because of Zen-Dragon, but in collaboration with Copenhagen Cultural Network I got to speak in front of an audience, and share not only my experiences with Zen-Dragon, but my reflections on how to lead a meaningful joyous existence.

You can check out the full speech here or excerpts from it here, but if you don’t have the time, the most important conclusion from the talk, is to either seek a life where you love the work you do, or where the work you do allow you to do the things you love.


KCK Plakat

The event KCK Warior Day.

KCK Warrior Day was in many ways a unique experience. I helped shape and plans this event in collaboration with KulturCenter Kildevæld and Kultur Østerbro, two Copenhagen-based organisations focused on providing unique experience for citizens and visitors of Copenhagen. In Copenhagen there are many sports, gyms, dancing studios, martial arts schools and so on, which offer a variety of ways to use the body. But we wanted to offer something that was free, so everyone regardless of wealth could get to train and feel like a warrior for a day!

The event turned out great. We saw young and old people participate and people of various ethnicities and cultures. I provided a workshop in practical self defence as well as one in kung-fu kicks. I’m fortunate to know a lot of talented people, so I recruited 6 people I knew to be a part of the event; one to serve healthy beverages, and the rest to do workshops in a mix of different martial arts and yolates. Everything was free for those who came and participated and my friends all earned a well deserved paycheck for the work they put in to making this day special.

So what’s next?

I have no idea what this next year will bring, neither in genereal nor in terms of this project. My only success criteria is to be happier in 2016 than I have been in 2015. I have some exciting people I wish to interview and a few basic ideas for videos in the new year, but mostly I will let things develop organically like I’ve done this year.

Since the launch of Zen-Dragon I’ve been very focused on productivity and when it comes to the social media game, it’s important to keep delivering, however…

My loose plan thus far for 2016, is to allow the quantity of Zen-Dragon output drop a bit, instead I will try to increase the overall quality of what I do share. As always my aim remains to inspire, entertain and educate you thru martial arts!