Medgang is a (currently) small scale philanthropic project, which I have co-founded alongside my girlfriend who is an occupational therapist and yoga instructor. It can be classified as non-profit, but may eventually turn into a social enterprise, if the right idea is actionable and can keep it sustainable, but as of now we focus on doing what we can without any income from the project and limiting expenditures as much as possible.

My girlfriend Anna and I both share a passion for movement, so we started out by offering free training experiences (yoga, meditation, kung-fu, self defense, mindfulness, dance etc) to share uplifting and potentially empowering experiences with people who have had difficult circumstances.
As we both have fulltime jobs (and I on top of that work on the project Zen-Dragon as well), we had to find the time on weekends. After doing this for about 6 months, while coming up with other ways of making an impact, but having not enough time to both put in all the work and finding time to relax and the rest on weekends, we had to slow down our pace. After all, if we let ourselves burn out, we wouldn’t be of much value to anyone else. We still offer free training experiences at times but no longer every weekend.

We have also sponsored a project in Honduras, which uses Takewondo as a way to empower youths in the crime stricken capital of the country, and creating better chances for them in the future, you can read more about the project here. Eventually, it was no longer sustainable for us to keep donating to the project, but we still follow the project online and it’s nice to see that they are still making good use of the equipment we sponsored.

We have also designed a product to raise money for The Ugandan Water Project while promoting a message of gratitude. The product description which can be read here is in danish, but the idea is that you can buy a mug which reminds you of how fortunate you are to be able to fill it with a drinkable beverage, the proceeds made from the purchase are then donated to The Ugandan Water Project who work to provide clean water across communities in Uganda.

For more on Medgang related activities, check out the Facebook page, it is in danish but contains both pictures and video material, so if you’re curious but don’t speak danish, it may still be worth a bit of your time. Medgang (Facebook page)