2016 -> 2017 Another year of Zen-Dragon

If you follow Zen-Dragon on Instagram, you probably know about #ZenDragonXmas which ran thru all of December.

During this busy time of year, I asked martial artists to share footage of their training along with an inspiring quote. Now that the year has passed its time to share those moments as inspiration for 2017!

Many positive things have come my way in 2016, both in regards to this project and other things in life.

A new girlfriend, a full time job, the idea for a future project (curious? Then watch 3:35 seconds into this vlog) and a lot of new opportunities with Zen-Dragon, as well as a growing audience on every platform (FacebookInstagramYoutube and here).

Watch below for my take on 2016 in regards to Zen-Dragon, as well as my plans for the future with this project. Also, as usual there’s some martial arts action in there, including footage from #ZenDragonXmas.

Have a great 2017. If you’re feeling inspired, then act on it – and as the inspiration fades continue that course of action chances, it is my experience that inspiration will reemerge, if you’re truly passionate about what got you inspired.