Negative -> Positive

Every situation has a positive and a negative, depending on how you approach it. You can’t gain something without losing something and everytime you lose something you gain something in return.

I could provide many examples, but just to not take things too seriously, let’s go with a dumb one. If you are carying and elephant in your pocket and it falls out, you lose the elephant but gain speed.

Why am I sharing this? Well, often I am too quick to see a situation as good or bad, instead of realising that my response to the situation largely brings out the best or the worst of the situation.

Recently I was asked to put a video up on the Zen-Dragon Youtube channel sharing my approach to developing leg flexibility.

Yesterday I shot a detailed video on it, only to find that the ending had been deleted due to storage problems on my device. Today I got together with my camera man again and did the video all over again, only to come home and realise the same had occured once more.

Once I let go of my frustration, I realised that my dedication had been put to the test and that the lesson was patience. I decided to shoot the video again, and was inspired to share a message on the value of repeated efforts with the followers of Zen-Dragon on Instagram.


I challenge you to think and realise the positive aspect of at least ONE negative thing in your life right now.

If it’s not too private, feel free to share what it is in a comment to this piece.