Self-defense: unlike fantasy!

If you have ever been involved in a self-defense situation, you will probably have experienced that things didn’t go as planned. In fact, there probably was no time for planning.

If you are someone who practises martial arts, you probably get to experience simulated scenarios, increase your confidence and if acting under pressure is part of your training, you develop habits for physical confrontations.

Martial arts techniques work, but if the technique is not well suited for the situation, it can work against you. Real fight have been ended by flashy highkicks, but they become trickier to pull of when you’re tense, require space and either your balance is at risk, or you leave your self wide open if the opponent moves.

Learning to fight spectacularly is a fun process which you will grow from, but for self-defense situations, I advice you to get in the habit of also using less advanced techniques.  Watch below to see what I mean…