Sidekicks like Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee was a big proponent of sidekicks and with good reason. The sidekick when properly executed can pack a lot of power. The low sidekick is a good move for self defense, as it allows one to strike the opponent from a safe distance (presuming the opponent is unarmed), it requires little movement and will not sacrifice one’s balance much.

For a while no one used sidekicks in MMA, but the last couple of years they have become increasingly popular and shown to be an effective tool. The low sidekick can function like a jab to keep the opponent at bay, or even to sep up another strike (typically something against the head, get the opponent to think low then strike high).

A sidekick towards the midsection has the most potential in terms of power, as the kick follows a direct line. While the high sidekick is flashy and can be devestating if it lands as it wil push the opponent’s neck backwards.

Enough background, you’re probably thinking, “how does one execute a perfect sidekick?”

Some martial artists think they have mastered the kick but forget about chambering or other key factors. The real test is to strike a bag or something heavy.

Watch below to learn or re-familiarize your self with the technique.