On Screen Action Hero (A Childhood Dream)

One of my boyhood dreams was to become an action hero. This vlog documents parts of the experience as I got to realise this dream when Breakzone Films reached out to me and offered me a role as the lead character in a sci-fi action mini series titled Dragens Skæbne or Fate Of The Dragon. Breakzone Films reached out to me long before the pregnancy, so back then the choise of accepting the role was a simple decision. But more than half a year later, when it was time to start the recordings, there was a lot on my plate, on top of the pregnancy, my job was in re-negotiation stages… I am glad I was unaware of these circumstances when Breakzone Films reached out to me, as I might have felt it necessary to decline. All 5 episodes of the mini series were recorded in one week with recordings from early morning to late at night. The experience was both fun, challenging and a major learning experience, and the memories will last with me.

If you wanna catch Dragens Skæbne, the series is now available on the Breakzone Films Youtube channel with english subtitles and if things go as planned, it will also eventually air locally on danish television.