“Life is not about what happens to you, it is about how you react to it”.

We’ve all heard this before, right?

But what most don’t see is that this truth works on 2 levels; internally and externally.

The external level is what you “DO”, someone tells you you can’t do it, so you put in EXTRA work proving them wrong. Or in my case, at 30 and you’ve lost your relationship, place to live, you didn’t get the job you biked 20 kilometers back/forth from work every morning for months to work practically for no salary … then in the face of having lost seemingly all (but gained one thing: time) you take advantage of that, following your dreams that’s how Zen-Dragon got started.

But the other level, your internal reaction, is ultimately what matters.

You can achieve all the success you ever dreamt of, only to focus on someone who has MORE than that, instead of practising gratitude, and chances are you’ll feel empty.

Some people (very few) achieve SO much in their life, that there’s no competition left and feel lost and depressed because of it! Perspective is everything and your perspective is no more than an internal reaction.

Now the tricky part is balancing the 2 types of reactions, they may appear in conflict but they don’t have to be. Why do anything if you’re fully satisfied, isn’t the hardest worker the man or woman who wants MORE? But this conflict between internal/external success is an illusion, cuz when you don’t NEED more – All that’s left is what you truly WANT.

I hope my reflections can impact positively the way you act and feel, now chances are you’re into martial arts since you’ve come across Zen-Dragon, so as reward here’s a video with a drill for practising martial arts reactions.