Empathy and its relation to Happiness

The way you live is not just about your actions, your lifestyle is not just about the concrete elements of your everyday life. It is also about the way you feel.

Connecting with others makes us feel good and when we manage to help and impact someone else’s life, we always end up impacting our own.

As we make someone else better, we usually make ourselves feel better in the process.

Depending on the perspective this can be seen as a form of karma, or an evolutionary reward based on the necessity of coorperation for human survival.

Personally, I relate this to yin and yang. There’s a dialectic relation between the internal and the external in life, for this reason what happens outside ourselves influences the way we feel inside. Likewise, the way we feel inside will have an influence outside ourselves. If you are feeling negative that negativity is likely to spread as you interact with the outside world.Make others happy and you in turn will become happier.

If you are philosophically inclined, you can ask your self wether being kind is then a selfless or in fact a selfish act? If you want this knowledge to impact your lifestyle, watch below and think of ways you can use your skills to help others!