Flexibility & Strength – Achieve both!

Most people are either strong or flexible, not that many people are both at once.

When training to become stronger, you actually lose flexibility, unless you actively stretch the part of your body you’ve used afterwards.

When you need to deal with an opposing force, wether it’s a physical attack, or the weight of a heavy object, the attributes of strength and flexibility become necessary. Strength helps you withstand force, while flexibility helps you to move freely, thus allowing your body to adjust to the force.

Make sure to train both! The key principle for both strength and flexibility training, is to push your self without pushing your body to the point where it breaks. Then you need to rest and repeat the process continually, as you grow stronger and more flexible.

Now I know many of you want to be able to do splits or kick higher, I understand that. If that i your focus, you can click here to learn from the piece on achieving that.

Conditioning your body is great, but remember to balance this by spending as much time conditioning your mind so your prowess is not just physical.