Get in shape with martial arts!

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If you’re tired of your workouts, or not working out because the mere idea makes you tired: This idea is for you!

The concept is simple and loose enough that you can adjust it so it never becomes stale and so you always can get it done.
If you’re busy… do fewer repetitions but do them faster. Both will save you time.

If you’re tired, just get started and do it lighter.

If you wanna mix it up, do it super slow… then super fast! Alright, enough! What am I talking about?!

This: Do some repetitions of a bodyweight exercise of your choosing. Could be pushups (and as the video below shows, there’s tons of variations simply within that), or crunches, situps, walking lounges, squats. Even something as┬áSIMPLE as sitting down and getting up any way you want (without the use of your hands for assistance), that’s a great exercise.

Now to make it fun (and get some extra cardio) you’re gonna do shadowboxing, or a specific striking combination, or kata/taolu in between sets! ­čÖé If your focus is to train your “martial mind” as well as getting in shape, then don’t plan what to do between sets, just improvise and do it as soon as you’ve done your exercise when you’re out of breath and unprepared (But be careful with this… you don’t wanna injure yourself)

That reminder to be careful is perhaps a bit hypocritical from someone doing hand clap pushups on a rock (watch the video below). But I tend to push myself, sometimes more than what’s smart, but I guess that goes with being passionate. Fire can light up a room, but it also has the potential to burn you. So once again, have fun with this and push yourself, but┬átry to be careful – In my defense I’ve done hand clap pushups many times on grass.

Watch the video and get inspired! (There’s plenty of pushup variations and martial arts moves/sequences you can do between sets).