Inspiration from the ground up!

One of my earliest Zen-Dragon videos was based on the inspiration I got from looking upon a tree

The truth is that anything can be looked upon with wonder and become a source of inspiration to the imaginative mind.


Stand solid for what you believe is right, but don’t stand stilL! Be willing to grow and branch out in new directions, even if that sometimes means realising that what you once thought was right is wrong.

Stand firmly for what you want in life and what you believe to be right, but allow yourself to head in new directions like the growing branches of the tree.

But don’t forget your past experiences, which show you, that where you are now in life, is part of a process.

If you chop away the bottom of a tree it stops growing, the roots of a tree are essential to its existence.

As people we can learn a lot from reflecting upon our roots and our past, as long as we are ready to find new directions to grow in.