Anything can be used as a weapon. Which is why traditional farming tools, or fans to keep cool, were applied in combat when conventional weapons were not allowed.

Wether you realise it or not, you are never unarmed. A weapon doesn’t have to be something like a knife, just as well it could be the scarf you’re wearing around your neck, or it could be your fists or your feet.

If you want to be able to protect your self and others, it’s good to practise hand to hand combat, as your body is the one weapon you’re always carying around.
However, practising weapons techniques and sparring with weapons, gives you a better understanding of combat.. and it’s good fun.

For inspiration, here’s some footage recorded earlier this year.  The first is from when I tried my hands on full contact stickfighting (note that me and my opponent are wearing protective gear to avoid serious injuries), the other is from a lighter session of nunchaku spearing using padded nunchucks.

(Sorry I couldn’t embed the full contact stickfighting clip, so you’ll have to click the link to watch it)