Using The Taichi/Kung-fu Fan

The steel fan is a popular traditional Chinese weapon, but it’s not always clear to see the application behind the beautiful graceful wushu and taichi forms with this weapon.

Below I will share 2 clear fighting applications with the kung-fu fan, but first here’s a bit of background on the weapon.

While initially only intented as a way to cool down, the fan became a popular tool for self defense during times when weapons were not allowed in China, thus showing how pretty much any object can be used as a weapon.

Around the 16th century the fan was adapted as a weapon, with sharp piercing blades at the ends of the fan.

This weapon known as the steel fan, the iron fan, the fighting fan and the war fan, was easy to cary and conceal. In the opened position the ends of it can be used for slicing, or to stab in a forward thrust, while in a closed position it can be used as a club for striking and blocks. Opening the fan can distract the opponent, due to the sound made when opening it, as well as how it can serve to obscure the vision of an opponent.