YOUR impact

on the world!

Like many others, you may have the dream of making an impact. Or like many “other others”, you may consider such too ambitious, bold, perhaps even arrogant? Either way, if you fall into one of these two groups of people, there’s one thing you’re failing to acknowledge:

You already HAVE an impact.

Your actions do not only impact the lives of people close to you, but also people from other parts of our global world, as well as the environment. Our actions have consequences.

You probably knew that already on some level and I’m not here to preach. I don’t always “do the right thing” (if I’m even right about what is right or wrong). But over and over I’ve reached the same important conclusion, which I’d like to share. You can either watch the video below and get to it in 2 minutes, or you can ignore the video and read it in the first sentence below the video.

The greatest kick in life, is the one you get from helping someone else!

It’s like there’s 2 sides to the coin of giving and they’re BOTH POSITIVE!

1: You feel happy on the other person’s behalf.

2: You’ll feel more valuable, as your actions have been valuable. I believe there’s inherent value in human life and I’ve always liked myself, but being of importance to someone else is a definite confidence booster!

If you know you’ve made a positive difference, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel either one or both of these things, but let’s say you’ve made a diffference to someone else and you felt NOTHING.

Well, at least it meant something to someone else.

Alright, actions speak louder than words and I hope to inspire you to make a difference (or make MORE of a difference), so I’ll share 2 things I’ve done to make a difference.

The choises you don’t think about and the small actions make a significant difference, but don’t be afraid to dream “big”, either.

My girlfriend is a yoga instructor and I’m a martial arts student/instructor, so we wanted to use our passions to make a difference. We had no financial backing and limited time as we both work fulltime (in fact I make Zen-Dragon content as well, alongside my “real” job as a teacher/pedagog).

But we decided to commit to offering free trainings during the weekend, all we needed was indoor facilities (as the winter is pretty cold here in Denmark).

We pitched our idea and were offered free indoor facilities at a local library and soon Medgang (the name of our project) was a reality. But it doesn’t end there.

While we were traveling I was messaged by a Zen-Dragon follower on Instagram. The guy was part of a project in Honduras using martial arts as a way to help youths stay away off the streets in the crime stricken capital of Honduras, while at the same time encouraging them to do well in school. The project needed a sponsor and he asked if I had any tips on how to get in contact with one.

The idea behind Medgang is to use one’s passion to make a difference to others and seeing as that’s exactly what this guy was doing with his passion for taekwondo, I decided to support the project by donating 600 DKK each month, which is about a 100 dollars. Enough to make a difference in Honduras.

The money has been spent on new equipment, and when they lose space in which they can train without paying rent, the donations will be used to help finance the rent of a new space to train.

I also launched Zen-Dragon merchandise this year, spreading a positive message to stand up for others, while also raising money for The BULLY Project to help their fight against bullying (click right here to order one)

smallwebsiteTanktop antibullying

Now what can YOU do?

Big or small your actions have an impact. Feel free to let me know what you’ve done/plan on doing, I might just share it to inspire others. The best way to contact me is to message me on Instagram, or Facebook, or comment on one of my Youtube videos. (You can also comment below, but I’ll catch it faster if you use the other platforms.)