2022 has been a year of significant changes for myself my family and to as well as Zen-Dragon as a whole. In this vlog you get to see the house we’ve moved into as well as some POV sparring. Other than the new house, I don’t speak that much about the changes in this video, but since you’re here on the website I will share a list of the changes below the embedded vlog, in case you’re curious to know.

Zen-Dragon changes: 1: I lost access to Premier Pro and Photoshop and I am not quick to adapt to technological changes, so this represented something of a crisis in terms of content production. However crisis is Greek I believe and means “change”, so with it comes opportunity, and I have learned the basics of Davinci Resolve and the online graphic design tool Figma, both complex programs, but I can already do most of what I want although not as quick as I used to (yet) and there’s potential to learn to do stuff I never could before. 2: The Facebook page “Zen-Dragon” got hacked, in fact he changed the name so now it’s just “Dragon”. I spent hours trying to remedy the situation, but every tutorial and help article I came across was dated and it was not possible to get in touch with Facebook, so at the end I accepted the defeat and chose to move on. I have integrated the Zen-Dragon Instagram account (Zen_Dragon_Martial_Arts) with my personal Facebook page (Michael Philip Fog Gottlieb) and am now sharing promotional content there instead and I am still able to reach beyond my friend list, re-sharing the content in Facebook groups. 3: It feels like there should be a third change listed, but thus far it’s only been 2 changes which have been pretty signifcant however.

Life changes: 1: Moved out of the city. 2: Bought a house. 3: New job closer to the town where we live now (I work with kids, like I have in the past, this time around however there’s a bigger emphasis on my passion for movement, and I get to be more active with the kids, sometimes incorporating martial arts as well as many other activities). 4: Our son is in day care at a new place, luckily he’s adjusted well to the changes. 5: My mom who struggles with mental illness has a deal for transportation so she can still see us once a week as long as she’s mentally well, which the weekly visits help with, plus it means more family time and my son gets to see his grandmother from my side of the family, win/win.