Self defense by way of calmness?

In self defense it is crucial to learn to act with fierce aggression when needed. The body produces adrenaline not to scare you, but rather to keep you safe and properly utilizing that adrenaline can make all the difference between life and death.

However, people often overlook the factor of calmness. The best way to end a fight is to end it before it even began. This is not necessarily easy, nor always an option, but a lot of fights happen because of egos and mutual intimidation.

You play a role in any interaction you take part in. Let’s think of human agression as a scale from 1-10, where the number 10 is the level of aggression resulting in violence.

Each person involved in the interaction will add their level of agression to the interaction, so if your level of agression is 5, that’s okay as long as the person you interact with is less agressive than 5.

In other words, the more agressive the other person is, the more important it is for you to keep your cool and stay calm. That doesn’t mean to act submissive or scared but rather to signal that you are at peace and calm.

In conflict situations where more than two people are involved, tempers are more likely to explode as more people bring their level of agression to the interaction…. in such situations, there is less chance of avoiding escalation, therefore when that is the case, leave if possible and if not prepare to fight.

Even when you have to resort to violence, it is an advantage to maintain a degree of calmness. This increases your ability to execute techniques and allows you to refrain from further violence once the threat has been neutralized. It also increases your awareness, which may allow you to escape or better protect a loved one. A good way to practise calmness is thru meditation, but that is a topic for another time.

Watch the video below. It is not focused on realistic conflict resolution, but rather on memorably conveying the message of staying calmn in the face of agression.