Warriors of the Modern Age

(This piece of writing has since turned into a video)

Here is the video followed by the original piece of writing which explores the ideas a bit further..

The romanticized ideal of the warrior has been depicted in paintings, comic books, video games and movies.

Myths have been build around historical figures such as Alexander the great, Geronimo, Miyamoto Musashi and Attilla the hun.

But what does it mean to be a warrior in today’s age?

How does one apply, hone and develop the virtues of a warrior, in modern life?

Does it mean to train martial arts 2-3 times a week? To fight willing oppoents inside a cage? To press the trigger on a gun when asked to?

In modern life very few of us are faced with battles in a physical sense. The battle most people are faced with is a spiritual battle.

To engage in this battle one must first recognise it.

This is easier said and done, I my self struggle to live the life I want and not fall into the trappings of modern life.

The experience of launching Zen-Dragon and the following proces, has been highly rewarding, but like with anything in life there is a yin and yang side to this project.

Zen-Dragon is intertwined with social media. One one hand my experience with martial arts has become richer since I started sharing it. This project has given me the privilege of providing inspiration, entertainment and knowledge to people around the world. Knowing that the success of my project depends on reaching an audience and providing content that it deems valuable, I have to check my self to avoid craving attention and becoming addicted to external validation.

To end this I will offer some questions, but you have to find the answers for yourself.

Are your ideals compromised? Are your ideals, your ideals, or were they gien to you? Are you appreciative? Are you in tune? Are you aware of things? Are you present? Are you growing? Are you ready to die?

I hope I didn’t come across too pretentious with this blog, I was in a bit of a reflective mood and felt like sharing my thoughts. I hope they’ve been of value to you.